Massimo Colombo


Giochi Vol.1 Op.344, for piano DV 10001 54 Pages 35,90 Euro ert
Giochi Vol.2 Op.344, for piano DV 10002 45 Pages 32,90 Euro ert
Duo Fantasia op. 624, for sax soprano and piano  (with set of parts) DV 10092 20 Pages 23,90 Euro ert
Divertimento n.1 op.607 for sax soprano, sax tenore and Sib clarinet  (with set of parts) DV 10093 12 Pages 27,90 Euro ert
Divertimento n.2 op.615, for oboe, clarinet and bass clarinet DV 10132 12 Pages 12,90 Euro ert
Divertimento n.2 op.615, for oboe, clarinet and bass clarinet (with set of parts) DV 10132P 18 Pages 22,90 Euro ert
Tempered blues Op.646 Vol.1, for piano DV 10152 60 Pages 45,90 Euro ert
Tempered blues Op.646 Vol.2, for piano DV 10153 36 Pages 25,90 Euro ert


Massimo Colombo, born in 1961 in Milano, is a composer, arranger, pianist and keyboard player who got a diploma in piano at “conservatorio G. Verdi” of Milano under Alberto Colombo’s guidance. He has studied harmony, contrappunto and composition with Davide Anzaghi and Angelo Corradini. Because of his interest in jazz he took some lessons from the American pianist Sonny Taylor and undertook an intense activity as a pianist and writer in collaboration with other Italian jazz musicians.
He has taken part in concerts and music productions with a variety of Italian musicians including: Paolo Fresu, Attilio Zanchi, Tino Tracanna, Paolino Dalla Porta, Roberto Ottaviano, Gigi Cifarelli, Enrico Rava, Gianluigi Trovesi, Giulio Capiozzo, Paolo Pellegatti, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Flavio Boltro, Fabrizio Bosso, Franco D’Andrea, Gianni Coscia, Bruno de Filippi, Maurizio Giammarco, Mauro Pagani, Alberto Camerini, Franco Mussida and Franz Di Cioccio (PFM), Christian Meyer, Elio; And with international musicians including: Tony Scott, Tommy Campbell, Enzo Todesco, Pierre Favre, Billy Cobham, Martin Dietrich Whener, jeff Berlin, Greg Hutchinson, Peter Erskine, Darek Olesczkiewicz.
He has recorded 21 cd’s as a writer for various musical groups using both acoustic and electric sounds.

He has taken part in important festivals in: Milano, Bergamo, Latina, Parma, Bologna, Berchidda, Bolzano, Trento, Nuoro, Ginevra; and in different radio and RAI tv programs (Invenzioni a due voci, Jazz Club -La stanza della musica-). He teaches piano and composition at the “CPM INSTITUTE” of Milano and Jazz arranging at the “Conservatorio G. Verdi” of Milan. He writes for music magazines (strumenti musicali) and has published a series of didactic scores ( two of these for Carish). He has collaborated in the making of a cd-rom on the history of jazz.