Diego Minoia


Fantasia eclettica n° 3 (Thalassa) DV 10061 28 Pages 24,90 Euro url.jpg PDF



Minoia Diego, pianist, composer, educational author (Bergamo, 1956).

Quoted, since 1982, in “CIDIM (UNESCO) Italian Music Yearbook” as Composer and member of SIAE (Authors & Composers Italian Organization) as Composer and Author.
President of “Sorgente Idea” cultural association (creativity development) and artistic director of the music contest “Le parole che cantano” and the photographic contest “Vedere la musica” since 2014.

Diego Minoia is known as founder and president of “Sorgente Idea” cultural association (creativity development), music teacher in public schools, teacher trainer, member of music juries (composition and playing contests), Bocconi University teacher (music lectures).

Diego Minoia studied piano and composition at the Conservatory of Brescia and Milano.
He early experienced different music genres: from commercial tracks to compositions for performances, from movies sound-tracks, jingles and pop music to classical concert compositions.


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