Richard Vaughan


Fantasia on a theme of Mozart, for guitar DV 10091 3 Pages 12,90 Euro url.jpg PDF
Choro, for piano DV 10107  16 Pages   14,90 Euro url.jpg PDF
Choro, for guitar DV 10108  12 Pages  12,90 Euro url.jpg PDF
Dance n°3, for piano DV 10109  12 Pages   12,90 Euro url.jpg PDF
Concerto for guitar and orchestra  DV 10113  72 Pages  65,90 Euro url.jpg PDF


The English composer Richard Vaughan was born in Boston in 1958. As a young man he studied at the Royal College of Music in London and later gained a Masters Degree from Exeter University.
He comes to love of writing music late in life in comparison to most other composers. His inspiration comes from a deep love of all things Celtic and a passion for the work of Yeats, Joyce, Russell and Ravel. This could be why his music always has a strong harmonic and melodic narrative. He loves to tell stories either in music or in words. He writes that which most affects him. Through these influences he seeks to bring pleasure to his players and listeners. Other influences as diverse as Donald Fagin, Mozart, Bach, the music of South America and Sting produces a form of eclecticism, unusual in our time.
He has received awards from the World Guitar and Fidelio competitions as well as being the first winner of the Nordhorn Gitarrenfestival composition competition.
His philosophy for music is best described thus.
To know the cause why music was ordain’d!
Was it not to refresh the mind of man.

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