Bar-Oct, 12 pieces for piccolo from baroque repertoire

pagine-da-rosti_baroct_dvAuthors: Jean Daniel Braun, Michel Blavet, Charles Delusse, John Christopher Pepusch, Johann Joachim Quantz, Sebastian Bodinus, Antoine Mahaut, Joseph Bodin de Boismortier

Title: Bar-Oct, 12 pieces for piccolo from baroque repertoire

Arranger: Debora Rosti

Language: Italian, English

Code: DV 20089

Pages: 36

Price: 25.90 Euro


From the introduction:

Performing baroque music on the piccolo might seem like a wild idea to some.
But even though my approach is not philological, that doesn’t mean it lacks depth.
It remains to be seen how today we can presume to respect criteria of “authenticity” (understood as remaining as close as possible to the aesthetics and the material conditions of the period) after more than three centuries. Isn’t it just a more refined, and perhaps even slightly hypocritical, cultural utopia?
I prefer to define this collection as postmodern, a step beyond traditional structures and styles, a refusal of artificially imposed order, affirming the idea that nothing can stably rest on a final meaning.

“Do you think I think about a damn violin when the Spirit is speaking to me and I am writing down what he dictates?” – Ludwig Van Beethoven



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