Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Mitridate, Re di Ponto KV, Overture for string quartet
(Trans. by Aurelio Scotto)
DV 20223 24 Pages 18,90 Euro 6,00 Euro
Papageno-Papagena duet, for flute, clarinet and piano
(Trans. by Aurelio Scotto)
DV 20055 16 Pages 14,90 Euro 6,00 Euro
12 Duets K.487, for two tubas
(Rev.Angelo Piazzini)
DV 20509 20 Pages 18,90 Euro 7,00 Euro
Allegro in C major for piano (Fragment) Fr 1771a
(Completed by Pierre Even)
DV 20007 16 Pages 18,90 Euro 6,00 Euro

(b Salzburg, 27 Jan 1756; d Vienna, 5 Dec 1791). Austrian composer, son of Leopold Mozart. His style essentially represents a synthesis of many different elements, which coalesced in his Viennese years, from 1781 on, into an idiom now regarded as a peak of Viennese Classicism. The mature music, distinguished by its melodic beauty, its formal elegance and its richness of harmony and texture, is deeply coloured by Italian opera though also rooted in Austrian and south German instrumental traditions. Unlike Haydn, his senior by 24 years, and Beethoven, his junior by 15, he excelled in every medium current in his time. He may thus be regarded as the most universal composer in the history of Western music.


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