Mats Edén


String quartet n°1 DV 10126 60 Pages 45,90 Euro ert
String quartet n°2 DV 10127 32 Pages 24,90 Euro ert
Waldeleken, for cello DV 10128 16 Pages 14,90 Euro ert
Majorelleträdgården, tales for orchestra DV 10198
Concerto for guitar and orchestra DV 10199 148 Pages 115,90 Euro
21 pieces for piano DV 10200 116 pages 95,90 Euro
Den Flygande Kofferten, for cello and chamber ensemble DV 10201 52 Pages 35,90 Euro
Kammersymphonie no.1 DV 10202
Fyrklover, concerto for soprano sax and string orchestra DV 10203 32 Pages 30,90 Euro
Concerto for viola and orchestra DV 10204
Concerto for violin and orchestra DV 10205


Official Website

1983-1987 Mats studied composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Norway.

Member of The Society of Swedish Composers (FST) and Swedish Composers of Popular Music (SKAP).

Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, elected May 2009.


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