Nicola Visalli


A figure emerged from the forest, for orchestra DV 10139 56 Pages 35,90 Euro ert
Gavotte in G minor after Bach, for chamber orchestra DV 10140 12 Pages 12,90 Euro ert
First piano song, for piano DV 10141 16 Pages 14,90 Euro ert
Maqsura. For microtonal violin DV 10142 12 Pages 12,90 Euro ert
Shaham, for harp DV 10143 32 Pages 24,90 Euro ert


Official Website

Born in 1968 and son of a musician, Nicola Visalli since his childhood studied clarinet and piano. At 18 years old he began composition activities studying composition by himself.

He attended summer camp in Accademia Chigiana in Siena with Donatoni (1996) and attended “progetto toys” in Modena with Adriano Guarnieri and Alvise Vidolin. From 2004 thanks to ucranian musical collaborations he had performance of his music in Ucraine contemporary musical festivals in Kiev and Odessa, particularly thanks the violinist Ostap Shutko. Since December 2009 he is a member of CMC-Centro Musica Contemporanea in Milan and focused his research on microtonal music, firstly addressed to western instruments but now also towards new instruments created for microtonal music and eastern instruments.


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