Stephanie Lepp

coverexplorationsExplorations, Markus Stockhausen conducting the masterclass on Intuitive Music and More at San Quirico

  • C00002, 0806810508879
  • Tonal waves  Abstract textures 1  Minimal floating  Abstract textures 2  Bansuri variations  Experimental  Imaginations
Markus Stockhausen, Stephanie Lepp, Beate Schmalbrock, Waltraud Stumme, Marta Arcodia, Agata Feudale Foti, Carmelo Lamonica, Ivan Corona, Fabio Arcodia, Giuseppe Trimarchi, Michael Schreiber, Veit Winkler, Davide Camarda, Nahyoun Kim

Stephanie Lepp is a versatile flute-, alto flute- and bansuri-player from Spielberg, Germany. Being a student of Robert Winn and Berten D’Hollander she graduated in classical flute at Musikhochschule Cologne in 2006. Then she took flute lessons with Mario Caroli at Strasbourg/France. After being nominated with her solo-improvisation for the famous „Gaudeamus Music Prize“, Amsterdam, in 2008, she participated in an inspiring and mind-opening „Intuitive Music and More“-workshop with Markus Stockhausen in Italy. Since then she is gradually deepening her knowledge in creative ways of making music, especially improvisation, intuitive music and world music. She participated in several workshops and masterclasses mainly with Markus Stockhausen but also with other musicians like Jorge Pardo, Zaza Miminoshvili or Trilok Gurtu. In 2010 she discovered the wonderful sound of the bansuri, a transverse bamboo flute from northern India. Since then she is continuously studying the art of playing bansuri and the knowledge about Indian Ragas by her great teacher Dinesh Mishra.



2 thoughts on “Stephanie Lepp

  1. Dear Berten, I feel happy to read your words! Thank you for your comment.
    I will never forget your helpful, saving flute lessons, some years ago…
    Wishing you all the best


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