Born in Messina in 1992. He starts to study music when he is 6 years old by approaching to Percussion Instruments with M° Giovanni La Fauci e M° Pierangelo La Spada. He adds several musical experiences to his studies which give him the opportunity to increase his artistic education.

He attended the class of Percussion Instruments of Prof. Maria Grazia Armaleo at the Conservatory “A. Corelli” of Messina.

For many years, he worked together with the “Orchestra Fiati” of the Conservatory “A. Corelli”, taking part in many concerts, under the guidance of very famous directors like Lino Blanchod and Lorenzo Della Fonte, and on the occasion of important collaborations with soloist player’s like Gilda Buttà, Ivano Buat, Inigo Alonso, Ronald Romm, Marco Scano.

He took part in several concerts of the “Messina Brass Band” and the ensemble “The Olympic Brass”. Furthermore, he cooperated as soloist player with the Multi-ethnic Orchestra “Ritmo Live” and many other local realities of Sicily.

The interest for new musical education’s techniques takes him to develop a passion for the study of the method “Nuova didattica del  Ritmo –  Body  Percussion”, which gives him the opportunity to increase the study of innovative and creative channels of communication.
Starting from this, he takes part in different courses of Body Percussion led by M° Maria Grazia Almaleo and in 2014 he attends the Workshop “Body and Vocal Percussion” of M° Richard Filtz, taking part as well as the final concerts of June 16th 2014 which was reported by local press and television.

In 2014 he takes part in the live production of a CD of multiethnic content called “Around the World”.

Furthermore, he played as timpanist during a date of the “Il Volo” tour, on July 21st and 22nd 2014 at the Taormina Greek Theatre.

In 2015 Davide earned the Percussion Instruments Degree with the highest score and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

In 2015 he was selected by the Conservatory “A. Corelli” to take part to a Masterclass of “Intuitive music and more” led by M° Markus Stockhausen, a project included in the programme of the Festival “Musica negli Horti” which took place in San Quirico D’Orcia (SI), which included as well a final concert of the course and the recording of some track of the CD “Explorations”.

Furthermore, he played as a soloist in several concerts, with a contemporary Marimba and Vibraphone repertoire: on September 15th, 2015 at the Auditorium Annibale Maria di Francia during the season “Riflessuoni 2015”, including with some pieces played in duo with piano and the rhythmic support of drums, and on January 3rd 2016 at the Santa Caterina Church in Taormina (ME) during the winter – Christmas season of “Taormina Arte”.

He took part to the ”Premio Nazionale dell Arti” 2010 in Mantova, 2011 in Novara and 2013 in Rome, both as soloist and Ensemble of Percussions. In this last edition, he played in the final concert which took place in the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, where he gained the Special mention prize.

On July 2015 he took part in the International Percussion Festival of Montebello (PV).

He also had been included in the selection for the access to the semi-final stage of the project “Migliori Diplomati 2015 – XX Edizione”, which took place in Castrocaro Terme (FC).