Michael Schreiber

coverexplorationsExplorations, Markus Stockhausen conducting the masterclass on Intuitive Music and More at San Quirico

  • C00002, 0806810508879
  • Tonal waves  Abstract textures 1  Minimal floating  Abstract textures 2  Bansuri variations  Experimental  Imaginations
Markus Stockhausen, Stephanie Lepp, Beate Schmalbrock, Waltraud Stumme, Marta Arcodia, Agata Feudale Foti, Carmelo Lamonica, Ivan Corona, Fabio Arcodia, Giuseppe Trimarchi, Michael Schreiber, Veit Winkler, Davide Camarda, Nahyoun Kim
Michael Schreiber was born in Hamburg/Germany on 21st december 1954. As a child he was playing the violin for some years and sang in a radio boys choir (NDR Knabenchor).
He started playing guitar with 15 years as autodidact and had in later years professional lessons in Jazz and Blues/Rock guitar. Since many years he is playing in the BluesRock coverband “ElbRock”.

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