Andrea Vecchiato

011-coversorrentinoSorrentino, Vincenzo:
Wind Chamber Music

  • C00011, 0806810877913
  • Da Vinci Classics
  • Jast a week  Undae  Sfavillante  Monico  In tempo  Preludio  Assioma
Roberto Scarpa Meylougan, Monica Finco, Marco Nicolé, Nicola Mazzanti, Saverio Tasca, Elisabetta Bocchese, Fabio Pupillo, Maddalena Lotter, Andrea Vecchiato, Giusy Mascheretti, Simone Sandri
Andrea Vecchiato started to study flute at the age of 10 to the “Benedetto Marcello” Conservatory in Venice, under the guide of the teacher Monica Finco, and in march of 2015 he got his bachelor with the vote 10/10 cum laude. In november 2015 he got a concert as a soloist with the Orchestra of “Teatro la Fenice” in the venetian theatre “Carlo Goldoni”. In the same year he played for the innauguration of a Music Festival dedicated to E.Varèse, to “Fondazione Vedova”, in Venice. He has partecipated to a lots of first world executions of works by Marino Baratello, Giovanni Mancuso, Luca Mosca, and he has collaborated with the composers Salvatore Sciarrino and Ivan Fedele for “Biennale College” in Venice. He collaborated with some prestigious artistic institutions as Biennale di Venezia, Teatro Malibran, Teatro Goldoni, Fondazione Levi, Scola Grande di San Rocco and others, and he has played in some Concert Hall as Auditorim Pollini in Padova, Sale Apollinee of the Teatro la Fenice, Teatro Dario Fo in Campongara, Teatro Comunale in Treviso, Teatro Comunale in Mirano and others.
Now he is doing a post-graduating course under the guide of Davide Formisano.

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