Elans, for violin, cello and piano op. 135

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Nel cantare del vento, for piano left hand

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Angelo Bellisario has studied at Milano’s Conservatorium, renouncing to the Law studies. After varied didactic experiences, he got the chair of Composition at Rovigo’s City Conservatorium; after two years of teaching, he has been appointed director of the same Conservatorium. After two years he renounced to the appointment, and devote himself to the Composition and to the teaching; he is sent to Milano’s Conservatorium and he taught composition (higher degrees) until 1998. He has molded several pupils, someone of them still teaches in various Italian Conservatoriums, someone collaborates with Italian Theatres and someone has won important Composition’s competition. About a half of his 230 compositions (chamber, symphonic and lyrical-opera) have been published in several Editions. In 1998 he was designate from Ministry of Education President of board of examiners for the National Competition about the teaching of harmony, counterpoint, fugue, and composition in Italy’s Conservatoriums.