Elena Nardo

006-coverviaggiPiazzolla, Mirto, Granados, Patzleiner, Albéniz, Brouwer, Careddu:

  • C00006, 080681050886
    • Label: Da Vinci Classics
  • Piazzolla: Oblivion  Mirto: Omar  Granados: Oriental, Danzas Espanolas, n.2  Patzleiner: Dona la pace  Patzleiner: Ave Maria Dixie  Albéniz: Granada  Brouwer: Un Dia de Noviémbre  Careddu: Romy  Careddu: Elena
Omar Flavio Careddu, cello
Elena Nardo, guitar
Roland Patzeleinr, guitar

Elena Nardo earned her diploma in guitar by the Conservatory of Bolzano under the tuition of Maestro Walter Zanetti. She has played with chamber-music groups, and as a soloist by the Circolo Cittadino in Bolzano, the Filarmonica in Trento, at the opening of Carol Wilde’s exhibition. She played in a duo with Omar Flavio Careddu by the Circolo Cittadino in Bolzano, the Circolo Arcobaleno in Rome, the Centro Musicale e Culturale in Latina where she gave a poetry and music performance together with two actors with works by Garcia Lorca, Albéniz, and Granàdos. Her poetry has appeared in the “Enciclopedia di Poesia Contemporanea” edited by the Mario Luzi Foundation.

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