Fabio Pupillo

CoverSorrentinoSorrentino, Vincenzo:
Works Vol.1: Wind Chamber Music

  • C00011, 0806810877913
  • Da Vinci Classics
  • Just a week  Undae  Sfavillante  Monico  Passion grace  In tempo  Mary Jo  Preludio  Assioma
Roberto Scarpa Meylougan, Monica Finco, Marco Nicolé, Nicola Mazzanti, Saverio Tasca, Elisabetta Bocchese, Fabio Pupillo, Maddalena Lotter, Andrea Vecchiato, Giusy Mascheretti, Simone Sandri

He graduated with M. Finco and studied with C. Klemm, P. Wavre, R. Guiot and G. Pretto. Many are the collaborations with leading orchestras. He performed in Italy, Europe and Japan. Member of the Ensemble Musagète, he created the educational project “Dentro il Suono” (“Inside the Sound”, translator’s note).


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