013 CoverPrerevolutionaryHarpComposers:
J.B.Cardon, F.J.Nadermann, P.J.Hinner


Duo Alchimia
Alice Caradente, harp
Alessandra Ziveri, harp

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From the booklet: “Harps and ladies, harps and queens: the Parisian salons of the last decades of the Ancien Régime echoed sweet melodies created by the diaphanous hands of aristocratic maidens. Introduced in the capital by the german Goepfert in the 50’s of the 18th century, the harp became an instrument à la mode. Richly decorated by French luthiers, the harp offered the ladies an important chance to highlight their elegance.” by Alice Talignani TRACKLIST

Jean-Baptiste CARDON (1760 – 1803)
Trois ariettes d’opèra-comique arrengées en duo pour deux harpes par M.Cardon
[1] Duo I Moderato “Comme une éclair…”
[2] Duo II Allegretto “Vous souvient il de cette fête”
[3] Duo III “Rien ne plaît tant aux yeux des belles”

François Joseph NADERMANN (1781 – 1835)
From Trois Duo en Fantasie pour deux harpes
Duo I
[4] Adagio
[5] Rondoletto Allegretto ma non troppo
[6] Lento, Andantino, 1er var. Piano Legato, 2er var.,
3me var. Dolce grazioso, 4me var. Tempo 1° Brillante

Philippe Joseph HINNER (1754 – 1805)
Trois Duos pour deux harpes composés par M.Hinner
Duo I
[7] Allegro
[8] Rondeau
Duo II
[9] Andante (Avec expression)
[10] Menuet (Maestuoso)
[11] Allegro
[12] Allegro (Allemande en Rondeau)


  • Label: Da Vinci Classics
  • Genre: Chamber Music
  • Period: 18th Century
  • Catalogue No: C00013
  • Barcode: 0806810877944

Design and art direction by 一般社団法人 Osaka Mozart Association
Produced by 一般社団法人 Osaka Mozart Association
The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Osaka Mozart Association


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