Riggieri, Leone, Hoffmann: Divertimenti per camera

017 Divertimenti per cameraComposers:
Riggieri, Leone, Hoffmann

Divertimenti per camera

Le Gentil Dame
Camilla Finardi, Mandolin
Daniela Santamaura, Cello

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From the booklet: "From the second half of the 18th Century, the mandolin became a very popular musical instrument in France. The huge success obtained by the first performance of Pergolesi’ La Serva Padrona at the Académie Royale de Musique in 1752 gave rise to the Querelle des bouffons between the proponents of the traditional French opera, embodied by Jean Baptiste Lully, and the followers of the new Italian Opera buffa, like Jean Jacques Rousseau." by Gabriele Zanetti TRACKLIST

Antonio Riggieri (fl. c. 1767-1783)
Sonata Op.1 No.1
[1] Allegro
[2] Andante
[3] Allegro

[4] La Fustemberg, Variationi N°10

Pietro? Gabriele? Leone (fl. 1760 – after 1770)
Sonata No.3
[5] Andante
[6] Allegro
[7] Presto

[8] Air “L’avez vous vu mon bien aimé”

Giovanni Hoffmann (fl. c. 1799)
Sonata No.1
[9] Allegro moderato
[10] Un poco adagio
[11] Rondò
Sonata No.2
[12] Allegro
[13] Andante con variazioni
[14] Allegro
Sonata No.3
[15] Allegro
[16] Adagio
[17] Rondò


  • Label: Da Vinci Classics
  • Genre: Chamber Music
  • Period: 18th Century
  • Catalogue No: C00017
  • Barcode: 0806810877968

Design and art direction by 一般社団法人 Osaka Mozart Association
Produced by 一般社団法人 Osaka Mozart Association
The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Osaka Mozart Association


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