Piazzolla: The 4 Seasons and other Tangos

016 PiazzollaComposers:
Astor Piazzolla

The Four Seasons and Other Tangos

Ensemble Tangueando
Giovanni Miszczyszyn, flute
Ezio Borghese, bandoneon
Enrico Gianino, piano

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From the booklet: “Tango Nuevo (New Tango) by Astor Piazzolla is the result of the merging between the spirit and the musical culture of the Argentine people and the more classic, modern and refined composing techniques, linking Piazzolla to the great European masters: a new music and a break with the almost sacred and untouchable tradition of Tango music.” by TRACKLIST

Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas [The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires]
[1] Otoño Porteño
[2] Invierno Porteño
[3] Primavera Porteña
[4] Verano Porteño

[5] Prepárense
[6] Oblivion
[7] Revirado
[8] Adiós Nonino


  • Label: Da Vinci Classics
  • Genre: Chamber Music
  • Period: 20th Century
  • Catalogue No: C00016
  • Barcode: 0793597061928

Design and art direction by 一般社団法人 Osaka Mozart Association
Produced by 一般社団法人 Osaka Mozart Association
The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Osaka Mozart Association


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