083 CinetecaTitle:
SHARED SOULS: Movie soundtracks from Classic to Jazz


Francesca Badalini, piano
Antonio Zambrini, piano

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From the booklet: “With three theatres screening high quality and essay films, an interactive museum which has become a highly rated educational centre for training in cinematography, a huge underground archive of motion-pictures films that can be explored by augmented reality applications, a film restoration and post-production lab, a library with an extensive collection of rare volumes and magazines about cinema.” by Matteo pavesi TRACKLIST
01] Mimì, P. Dalla Porta
[02] Lanterne magiche, F. Badalini
[03] Racconto d’Autunno, F. Badalini
[04] Addio, A. Zambrini
[05] Cinemobile, F. Badalini
[06] Verso sera, F. Badalini
[07] Pure imagination, Bricusse-Newlay
[08] Il sogno di Federico, F. Badalini
[09] A Roma, F. Badalini
[10] Natale a Rimini, A. Zambrini
[11] Mother and Daughter, F. Badalini
[12] Swing habit, F. Badalini
[13] Nonsense song, L. Daniderff
[14] The Bridge, F. Badalini
[15] Comencini, A. Zambrini
[16] Forbidden Colours, F. Badalini
[17] Improvviso, Trio Improvisation
[18] La madre e la morte, F. Badalini
[19] How Deep is the Ocean, A. Zambrini
[20] Titoli di coda, F. Badalini
[21] Entr’acte, E. Satie

  • Label: Da Vinci Classics
  • Genre: Chamber Music
  • Period: 21th Century
  • Catalogue No: C00083
  • Barcode: 0793597335777

Design and art direction by 一般社団法人 Osaka Mozart Association
Produced by 一般社団法人 Osaka Mozart Association
The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Osaka Mozart Association



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