The group Hortensia Virtuous born in 2012 and named after the Sonata for violin and basso continuo from the opera 4 Don Marco Uccellini of 1645. He made his debut in the 16th edition of the Theate Mvsica Antiqva Festival which takes place in the town of Chieti and It is performing in concerts in different cities in Italy and abroad (Festival “Le vie del Barocco” in Genova, Festival “Apuliantiqua” in Monopoli, Victoria Art Festival in Gozo-Malta, Zurigo….). The group’s objective is to revive the chamber repertoire ranging from 1600 to the early 1800’s through the use of original instruments or copies combined with a philological performance practice, the use of original sources necessary to the performance. The use of historical instruments, appears to be the fundamental means a careful noise, closely linked to the imitation of nature and the human voice, its precepts of aesthetics seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The members have been trained and are working with prestigious artists in the industry such as E. Gatti, S. Kuijken, A. Beyer, A. Florio. The repertoire is vast and encompasses much of the music “church” of the century. XVII and XVIII. Discography: B.Bernardi, Sonate op.2, Baryton 2016.

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