The OFC was founded in 2006 in Pagani by Maestro Giulio Marazia, its current artistic and musical director. It is composed by both experienced musicians of prime importance and young neo-graduates and post-graduates from various Italian Music Conservatoirs. In addition to having established itself as one of the realities that can actually produce and promote music in the region, the OFC is increasingly able to attract excellent musicians, many of which combine their orchestral activity with a brilliant solo career, in chamber formations and education. After a ten-year path of continuous training and specialization, and more than 100 concerts, the OFC has been able to create a passionate professional group that has built a vast music repertoire that ranges from the Baroque period to the XXth century, from the great operatic repertoire to modern composers. The Orchestra’s main residence is set in the new Municipal Theatre S. Alfonso of Pagani but it also performs regularly at Teatro Diana of Nocera Inferiore and at the “Mario Ferrante” Concert Hall in the Circolo Unione of Pagani. The OFC was also invited to perform at the prestigious Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer in Ravello, in the charming park of the Certosa di Padula, at the impressive Roman amphitheater of Avella, at Teatro Eduardo De Filippo in Agropoli, and at “Villa Guariglia” in Vietri sul Mare on the Amalfi Coast.

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