ROBERTO LANERI is a composer, wind player (clarinets, saxophones, didjeridoo) and overtone singer. Studied philosophy on Rome and music in the U.S. (Ph.D., University of California, San Diego). Among his teachers, Lejaren Hiller, Charles Mingus, William O. Smith, John Silber and Keith Humble. After many years of activity in the field of contemporary music, now his music defies definitions and current space-time dimensions. Recordings with Charlie Mingus and Peter Gabriel as well on his own (Two Views of the Amazon, Anadyomene, Memories of the Rain-Forest, The Tail of the Tiger, Sentimental Journey, Escher, Breath).
Has published two books on the theory and practice of overtone singing: La voce dell’arcobaleno and Nel cielo di Indra. A member of the Budapest Club, founded by Edwin Laszlo for a planetary consciousness, has taught at the Florence Conservatory until 2011.

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