Overture à 4

(Edited by Carlo Ipata, TESORI MUSICALI TOSCANI Series)DVTMT 20642 12 Pages Neoclassic


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Concerti Grossi Op.2

(Edited by Alessio Bacci, TESORI MUSICALI TOSCANI Series)DVTMT 20665 60 Pages Neoclassic


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(b Lucca, bap. 5 Dec 1687; d Dublin, 17 Sept 1762).Italian composer, violinist and theorist. His contemporaries in England considered him the equal of Handel and Corelli, but except for the concerti grossi op.3, a few sonatas and the violin treatise, little of his musical and theoretical output is known today. He was, nevertheless, one of the greatest violinists of his time, an original if not a prolific composer and an important theorist.

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