Benedetto Carulli (1797-1877) belongs to the Milanese clarinet school and specifically to the history of the Milan Conservatory, having studied and then taught there for almost half a century! He was the teacher of Romero Orsi (who then founded a clarinet factory ) and above all of Ernesto Cavallini, great well-known italian clarinet virtuoso, celebrated all over Europe, who took over his position of principal clarinet at La Scala in 1840, keeping this chair for 20 years and then he emigrated to San Petersburg. Carulli was a member of the noted wind quartet of La Scala Theatre with the flutist G. Rabboni, oboist C. Yvon and the bassonist A. Cantù. Cavallini dedicated six of his 30 Capricci and the Romance Un pensiero (A Thought) to his pupil. Benedetto Carulli was a student of Vincent Adami, clarinet and basset horn teacher at the new founded Conservatory of Milano (1808).

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