7 Songs from Liber Usallis, from All Christmas Masses, for Choir

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Born in Burgos, he studied music at the Antonio de Cabezón Burgos Music School. As director, he has been trained in the choral federations of Castilla and Leon, Burgos and Navarra with teachers Marcos Vega, Pilar Escudero, Peyo Ruiz Huici, Julio Domínguez, Enrique Azurza, Alejandro Yague, Juan Angel del Pozo, Igor Ijurra and Jon Irazoki. He has directed the Children’s Choir of Santa María la Real y Antigua de Burgos. He directed the Coral de Cámara Vadillos in 2007.

He is the current conductor of Coral de Cámara San Esteban.

As composer, he has composed and premiered several works published in Spain, Brazil and Chile. He was commissioned the work “Divine Music” for the meeting of corals Encanta Lafaiette Brazil in 2011. He has received the first prize in the XVI Competition of the “Federacion de coros de Vizcaya” by “Suharturik” in 2012. His work “A Ilusao da lua ” was worked in the Conductors School of Medina de Pomar “Dirigecoros” (Burgos) in November 2013 and premiered at the Profesional Burgos Music School in February 2014.

He is co-author of “Tierra de Lara” Hymn, premiered on 10.05.14 on Lara de los Infantes (Burgos).

He was the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Federation of Choirs of Burgos from 2011 to January 2014. Currently he is advisor to the Committee.

He contributes regularly as columnist choral issues with the web “amigoscoralistas” of Venezuela. He has written about conflicts in a choir and director’s health.

He has been a jury member of the Provincial Choir Competition in Burgos in 2004 and 2005. Also he has participated as Jury in the National Choir Competition Antonio José in 2013.