(b Villa Santa Maria, nr Chieti, ?1643; d Naples, 6 Feb 1729). Italian violinist and composer. He went to Naples in the mid-17th century, entering the Conservatorio di S Maria di Loreto. When his teacher, the violinist Carlo de Vincentiis, died in 1677, he took over as principal violinist of the royal chapel, Naples, remaining in the post for more than 50 years. From 1693 to 1706 he may also have been first violinist at the Teatro di S Bartolomeo (Prota-Giurleo). His confrontation with Arcangelo Corelli in 1702 is discussed by Burney. Marchitelli reached the pinnacle of his career in 1707, shortly after the arrival of the Austrian government in Naples, when he was appointed governor and treasurer of the Congregation of Musicians of the Royal Palace. A detailed inventory of his possessions shows that he had personal links with some of the major artists of the period, and was held in high esteem by certain noble families in the city. His pupils included his nephews Michele Mascitti and Giovanni Sebastiano Sabatino. The latter, perhaps because of Marchitelli’s support, succeeded Francesco Scarlatti as a violinist of the royal chapel in 1691.
Marchitelli’s sonatas closely follow the model established by Corelli in both form and pattern of movements. However, it is their irregular phrasing and marked contrapuntal style which are of particular interest.