Vincenzo Sorrentino was born on 21 September 1973 in Nola. His musical education, enriched with humanities unfortunately unfinished, took place at the Music Conservatory “Domenico Cimarosa” of Avellino where , in 1996, he graduated in Piano and in 2002 in Composition. In 2007 he completed his Diploma in Composition with a Master Degree and in 2011 with a Diploma in Electronic Music.
The detailed study of Composition, considered as more challenging and congenial to his sensitivity, had a special place in his artistic career. Thanks to assiduous readings, researching, critical listening and experimental courses, where tradition met new technologies and together longed for innovative elements, Sorrentino created an artistic production certainly open to overseas music echoes.
The success obtained as composer through his participation in national and international competitions did not get him that notoriety achieved, instead, by networking his pieces and as a result of the rewarding and fruitful collaboration with musicians who let focus his production, essentially chamber music, on three crucial instruments: harp, guitar and flute.
Sorrentino devoted most of his artistic production to the flute to which, since 2012, the Music National Convention of the United States of America (NFA Convention) reserves a special place in the annual program.

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