Extraordinary pianist and excellent interpreter. This is what the composer Jeseph Horovitz has written about him the day after the recording of the famous Sonatina for clarinet and piano of the same Horovitz that Fausto Quintabà has recorded with the clarinettist Ferdinando Steiner. Fausto Quintabà, born in Palermo in 1977, was awarded the diploma in piano with top marks and distinction under the guidance of the pianist and composer Marcello Biondolillo at the V. Bellini Conservatory in his native city. He perfected his studies with Bruno Mezzena, Aquiles Delle Vigne and Pierluigi Camicia. In 2007 he achieved the piano diploma at the Salzburg Mozarteum under the guidance of Claudius Tanski, again with top marks and distinction. He has performed in several countries including Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Croatia, Serbia, Zimbabwe and Iran. He has played under such conductors as Jo-hannes Kalitzke, Tito Ceccherini, Gaetano Soliman, Peter WesenAuer, Gerhard Sammer and David Danzmayr. He has also worked with various ensembles and International partners, such as the Öenm, the Salzburg Classical Quintet, the INN-strumenti Chamber Orchestra, the Trio Broz, Mirjam Tschopp, Lito Fonatana, Francesca Canali, Alois Brandhofer, the Salzburg Solisten and the Ensemble Acrobat (of which he is the artistic director).
As a soloist he has performed piano concertos by Mozart, Beethoven, Shostakovich, Hindemith and Rachmaninov. He has collaborated as a piano accompanist at the Mozarteum Sommerakademie with Peter Gül-ke, Simone Fontanelli and at the Universität Mozarteum with Alois Brandhofer, Josef Steinböck and Grace Bumbry. He is now a teacher at the Innsbruck Conservatory. He has made several recordings with soloists including Lito Fontana, Hans Gansch, Ferdinand Steiner, Dario Zingales and Francesca Canali.