THE VOICE OF VIOLIN (Y.Berinskaya, I Musici di Parma, S.Ligoratti)



Composer(s): Pablo de Sarasate | Manuel De Falla | Igor Stravinsky | Ernst BlochAstor Piazzolla

Artist(s): Yulia Berinskaya, Violin | I Musici di Parma | Stefano Ligoratti, Conductor

Period: 19th Century

Catalogue No.: C00063

Barcode: 0793597816085

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Luca Ciammarughi:

The center of this album is not only the “song” of the violin but also its “voice”. The violin becomes the vehicle for a talking expression so strongly rooted in the Yiddish culture that when the Jews want to congratulate a violinist they say “You speak the violin well”. Violinitistically growth on the shape of his father Sergei Berinsky, important Muscovite composer of a Yiddish family, Yulia Berinskaya in this anthology is looking for the archaic origins of the music itself (song and dance), declining them according to her personal violinistic Voice, a sort of alter ego of the soprano. Furthermore, the peculiarity of this project is the fact that new transcriptions have been properly made for violin and chamber orchestra by Giovanni Dettori (Falla, Bloch, Piazzolla) and Stefano Ligoratti (Stravinsky). […] (Translation by Fabiana Binarelli)



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