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Composer(s): Ernst von Dohnányi

Artist(s): Dario D’Ignazio, Piano

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No.: C00100

Barcode: 0793597816245

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Edmondo Filippini:

It is really important for any musical research to meet a composer whose fame and distinction is as deep as the real knowledge of his music is minimal and almost nonexistent. So we can understand what is the real musical contribution of the composer, measure its beauty with regard to its epoch, making him to be part of that incessant dialogue and comparison necessary to each great author of history. And this could perfectly suit Ernst von Dohnányi. Next to Lizts, he is considered the most important Hungarian composer also for his innovative approach to the piano and one of the principal authors of the 20th Century for his conductor activity, which gave him the great part of his international fame. It is curious that – contrary to what happened to Liszt- Brahms, who actually wasn’t used to easy appreciations, immediately admired him and personally encouraged and organized the performance of Dohnányi first work, a piano and strings quintet, which had a great success. […] (Translation by Fabiana Binarelli)