azz pianist, flutist and composer Antonio Zambrini follows a creative path that moves from his original compositions to further directions: some of his recent recordings are jazz reinterpratation of music by Nino Rota, Gabriel Faurè, Procol Harum.
Also, in the same years, he recorded with main artists like drummer Eliot Zigmund ( “Long distance” 2012), Rita Marcotulli ( “La conversazione” , 2014), Lee Konitz ( three cd’s for label Philology, 2008).
His erlier albums, between 1998 and 2005, are based on orignal composing and were often signaled by italian jazz critics; several compositions were then appreciated and played by collegues, such as Stefano Bollani (the song “Antonia”, in Bollani’s cd “Piano Solo” for german label ECM).
Zambrini’s albums are published by Abeat Jazz Records, Splasc(h) Records, Philology. He’s been teaching Jazz Piano , and connected disciplines, in Conservatories of Bari, La spezia, Brescia, Como, Parma, Verona. He’s now teaching in the Conservatory of Milan.
Bassist Paolino Dalla Porta, nowadays member of the legendary band “Oregon”, and drummer Manhu Roche, for many years playing with Michel Petrucciani, are amongst the main and better considered jazz musicians in Europe.