INSPIRATION, Improvisations for two pianos (P.Paliaga, R.Plano)



Composer(s): J.S.Bach, Gurdjieff, Tarrega, Ligeti, Paliaga, De FallaGismonti, Ramirez, Scriabin, Piazzolla

Artist(s): Paolo Paliaga, Piano | Roberto Plano, Piano

Period: 19th Century

Catalogue No.: C00072

Barcode: 0793597335739

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Paolo Del Negro:

Two seemingly opposite worlds meet in Inspiration, a new, fresh experience, where Classical Music and Jazz make a long journey through tradition and into innovation. A journey that begins with a homage to the classic tradition with Bach and proceeds without a specific goal, a journey whose true guide is Inspiration.

The pianists Paolo Paliaga and Roberto Plano have much in common: both from Varese, both internationally well known, they began communicating with each other through music a decade ago when the city of Varese asked them to meet and ‘compete’ in a sort of contest between Classical and Jazz music. This challenge turned immediately into an artistic collaboration both easy, yet simple to nurture the audience’s enthusiasm for a wonderful demonstration of two visions of music ranging from different worlds, that meet to braid and melt to reach deep into the audience’s collective heart.

Inspiration is nothing less than the result of a true partnership. The chance to make it happen was born in 2014 after a concert for Cuamm, (Doctors for Africa) and with the gracious support of The Fondazione Ascoli with the aim of finding funds for children with cancer.  […] (Translation by Peter Williams)

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