Shared Souls

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SHARED SOULS: Movie Soundtrack from Classic to Jazz



Composer(s): Francesca Badalini, Antonio Zambrini

Artist(s): Francesca Badalini, Piano, Electric Guitar, Electronics | Aurora Bisanti, Violins | Lydia Colona, Clarinet | Andrea Grumelli, electric bass | Francesca Lipari & Emiliana Parenzi Colombo, Flutes | Davide Martinelli, Percussions | Gianfranco Messina; Violin & Viola | Matteo Zurletti & Giulia Monti, Cello | Fabrizio Rizzo, Accordion | Silvia De Brasi: Piano in Mother and Daughter | Antonio Zambrini, Piano | Paolino Dalla Porta, Double Bass | Manhu Roche, Drums

Period: 21st Century

Catalogue No.: C00083

Barcode: 0793597335777

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Matteo Pavesi:

With three theatres screening high quality and essay films, an interactive museum which has become a highly rated educational centre for training in cinematography, a huge underground archive of motion-pictures films that can be explored by augmented reality applications, a film restoration and post-production lab, a library with an extensive collection of rare volumes and magazines about cinema.
Fondazione Cineteca Italiana was established in Milan in 1947 by directors Luigi Comencini and Alberto Lattuada. Member of FIAF since 1948 it develops its activities in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Regione Lombardia, Città Metropolitana, Comune di Milano, Comune di Paderno Dugnano, Epson, ECFA, Europa Cinemas, University of Milano Bicocca, Fondazione Mondadori, AEM Milano. Among the 35.000 titles of worldwide films dating since 1895, the Film Archive also preserves a selection of Italian animation. The heritage of Cineteca also boasts about 300 antique cinema devices. Cineteca stores a photo collection of 100.000 pictures, original screenplays, 17.000 books and magazines and 15.000 affiches. In 2011 Cineteca created two interactive sections for the Museum: MIC-Interactive Film Museum, and the Augmented Reality Film Archive, two permanent exhibitions in which archive, Film Literacy, crossmedia and audience engagement are integrated. Cineteca’s theatres, Spazio Oberdan, Area Metropolis and MIC Theatre, offer around 2,000 screenings and host around 130.000 spectators a year. Cineteca also provides a wide range of educational activities. […]

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