MARCHITELLI, PIETRO: TRIO SONATAS (Ensemble Hortensia Virtuosa)



Composer(s): Pietro Marchitelli

Artist(s): Ensemble Hortensia Virtuosa | Giovanni Rota, Violin and Direction

Period: 18th Century

Catalogue No.: C00087

Barcode: 0793597816047

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Guido Olivieri:

The career of Pietro Marchitelli (1643-1729) is emblematic of the developments of instrumental music in Naples at the turn of the 18th century.
Born in the small town of Villa Santa Maria, in the Abruzzo region, Pietro Marchitelli moved to Naples to study at the Conservatorio of Santa Maria di Loreto with the most important violin teacher of the time, Carlo de Vincentiis. When in 1677 his teacher died, Marchitelli took his place in the Royal Chapel. In a few years, Marchitelli reached the place of first violin of this prestigious ensemble, a role that he maintained practically without interruption until his death on February 6, 1729, aged 86.[…]

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