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MELODYTERRANEAN (G.Mazzamuto Quintet)



Composer(s): Giuseppe Mazzamuto

Artist(s): Giuseppe Mazzamuto, Sicilian String Quartet

Period: 21st Century

Catalogue No.: C00089

Barcode: 0793597816108

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Andrea Dulbecco:

Vibraphonists have always distinguished themselves as excellent leaders and good creators of musical projects throughout the history of jazz. The reason may be that the vibraphone is an instrument usually called by the band leaders as a substitute for the piano or guitar into a rhythmic section. Unfortunately, the session man role has never been strong enough to point out the presence of the instrument in the musical world, so creating projects and refining their own compositional style has become a necessity for all performer of this instrument. The Mazzamuto’s project is a perfect example of the above situation. […]

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