Founded in the spring of 2002, the Chamber Orchestra I MUSICI DI PARMA, brings together musicians who collaborate with the most important orchestral institutions both in Italy and abroad. Created with the intent of exploring a musical world directed at rediscovering unpublished musical scores and popularizing the work of important musicians, I Musici di Parma perform, with symphonic or chamber formations , a wide repertoire ranging from baroque to classicism to the most beautiful pages of 20th-century music. Particular attention is devoted to the Italian melodrama and the most beautiful arias and romances of the international lyric opera. The Musici of Parma have accompanied concerts and recitals to internationally renowned musicians and singers such as Christoph Hartmann, Andrea Oliva, Enrico Bronzi, Giovanni Gnocchi, Simonide Braconi, Klaidi Sahatçi, Matthias Racz, Stefano Pagliani, Francesco Manara, Francesco De Angelis, Yulia Berinskaya, Andrea Lucchi, Fabrizio Bosso, Emanuele Arciuli , Federico Mondelci, Mario Marzi, Renato Bruson, Daria Masiero, Katia Pellegrino, Katia Ricciarelli, Chiara Taigi, Carlo Colombara, Francesco Meli, Carmelo Caruso and Federico Canonici. Thanks to the originality of their programs and the musical and artistic quality of their performances, the Orchestra has established itself in the Italian musical world, receiving the unanimous census from critics and public alike. The Musici of Parma have performed in important theaters, concert halls, festivals, in Italy and abroad. Among them the “Galuppi Festival” in Venice, the “G. Cantelli “of Novara, the “Amfiteatrof Festival” of Levanto, the KKL of Lucerne, the Martinskirche in Basel, the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan, where they performed with singer Lu Wei, directed by M ° Lu Jia, on the occasion of 40 Anniversary of relations between Italy and China; a concert broadcast in more than 50 countries around the world. I Musici di Parma are the holders of the same Academy of Fine Music and organize in Salsomaggiore Terme (PR), the city where they reside at the prestigious Palazzo Berzieri, the “Salso Summer Class & Festival”, and the festival “Musica alle Terme”. Of particular resonance, the cd featured by Enrico Bronzi, entirely dedicated to Nino Rota, has been reported in numerous magazines and periodicals in the sector (five stars of criticism on Amadeus and Classic Voice).