WINDS OF CHANGE (Roberto Laneri)



Composer(s): Roberto Laneri

Artist(s): Roberto Laneri, Sax | Giuppi Paone, Voice | Stefano Diotallevi, Piano | Alessandro del Signore, Double-Bass

Period: 21st Century

Catalogue No.: C00051

Barcode: 0793597335791

ALBUM NOTES by Roberto Laneri:

I founded this quartet in 2016, both to realize new compositions and to revisit old ones, some of which actually going back to the seventies. This repertoire finds a common ground in the jazz area, although following different and sometimes roundabout ways to get there: after all we all know that the roads to jazz may be infinite and infinitely personal. In my case these roads are many of the “other” musics I have met and practised: from European classical music to American minimal music, from the Northern Indian tradition to Australian aboriginal music, plus any music from any time and place which has captured my interest for any reasons.
The result is a music with a strong compositional identity (i.e. many written parts) and a strong oral component as well, leading to a series of impromptu decisions idiomatic to each piece, as different approaches to improvisation.
Therefore each piece may be listened to as a ticket to both real, specific soundscapes (Southern California, Mexico, India, the desert) and purely mental ones (the Great South, ancient Egypt). Last but not least, my thanks to the wonderful musicians in the quartet, at ease in a great variety of contexts and open to the “winds of change.”

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