FLOWERS OF THOUGHT (Marta Vulpi, Antonio Luciani)



Composer(s): Arditi, Busoni, Sgambati, Tosti

Artist(s): Marta Vulpi, Soprano | Antonio Luciani, Piano

Period: 19th Century

Catalogue No.: C00053

Barcode: 0806810877951


Radio Popolare, Francesca Badalini

Musica 290 – October 2017, Nicola Cattò

Classic Voice 166 – December 2017, Aldo Nicastro

La Gazzetta di Casal Palocco

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Marta Vulpi:

When I started studying the piano, virtuoso and agile repertoires always attracted me, however, when I began to play along with singers and then, encouraged by my teachers, I undertook the study of singing, I found out that piano could “sing” as well as accompany.
Therefore, in my personal chamber repertoire I have always tried to develop a dialogic discourse between voice and instrument as though they were a sole auditory source.
I realized this record with the aim of giving the listener a musical conversation that combines two seemingly different elements like wood, hammers, strings , metal pedals, damper felts and piano alloy steel strings with the matter “human body” made of flesh, muscles, tendons, bones, oropharyngeal, cranial and tracheal cavities which develop the production and diffusion of sound-singing.
During a trip to England, I learned about two Italian composers of the end of 1800, Luigi Arditi and Francesco Paolo Tosti, who, in United Kingdom, have been very successful thanks to their rich chamber repertoire. As a result of this experience, I felt the desire to delve into their creations. Their pieces, mostly vocal, enlivened the royal salons whereas in Italy they used to be underestimated by the accredited musicological environment since romanza da salotto was considered less important than opera. Such prejudice prevailed until a few years ago though many writers of the period (D’Annunzio, Negri, Costa) contributed by writing memorable lyrics for this vocal genre. I also fancied the idea that authors’ last names Arditi &Tosti (in English Brave&Tough, T.N.), could be qualitative characteristics of their personality, if treated as adjectives. […] (Translation by Chiara Damia)

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