SALIERI, A.: PIANO CONCERTOS (Costantino Catena)



Composer(s): Antonio Salieri

Artist(s): Costantino Catena, Piano | Orchestra del Conservatorio Domenico Cimarosa-Avellino | Antonio Sinagra, Conductor

Period: 18th Century

Catalogue No.: C00015

Barcode: 0806810877883


Radio Popolare: Apertura Musicale by Francesca Badalini

Radio Classica: Top 10 by Luca Ciammarughi

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Edmondo Filippini:

Vienna 1773: the Italian theater was in poor financial conditions and Emperor Joseph II, more and more interested in theatrical happenings as artistic and political elements, increasingly integrated in the events related to this institution.
It was commonly known to all the Viennese that theatrical and opera productions should have a new outburst and about that increasing protection a young Italian composer of only 23 years, Antonio Salieri, was receiving by the Emperor.
His fate as Italian opera Kapellmeister greatly depended on his behaviour during this crucial moment but it was also true that he was, by now, sound enough thanks to his important opera seria Armida, to two successful works La fiera di Venezia and to one of the first comic masterpieces of his career: La Locandiera by Carlo Goldoni.
Smaller instrumental compositions can be found in his limited catalogue like an organ concert, one for flute and oboe, a triple concerto and ,finally, the two piano concertos of this record. […] (Translation by Chiara Damia)

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