Composer(s): Hoffmann, Leone, Riggieri

Artist(s): Le Gentil Dame: Camilla Finardi, Mandolin | Daniela Santamaura, Cello

Period: 18th Century

Catalogue No.: C00017

Barcode: 0806810877906

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Gabriele Zanetti:

From the second half of the 18th Century, the mandolin became a very popular musical instrument in France. The huge success obtained by the first performance of Pergolesi’ La Serva Padrona at the Académie Royale de Musique in 1752 gave rise to the Querelle des bouffons between the proponents of the traditional French opera, embodied by Jean Baptiste Lully, and the followers of the new Italian Opera buffa, like Jean Jacques Rousseau.
The latter wrote Le Devin du Village, an opera with which he wanted to demonstrate it would have been possible to exploit the new Italian style also in French language. In the 1750s France was influenced on a massive scale by Neapolitan music. The first professional mandolin player who lived in Paris was Carlo Sodi from Rome; on the 6th of April 1750 he performed in a Concert Spirituel, the first public concerts organized in Paris, starting in 1725 and ending in 1790. […]

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