THE PIANIST COMPOSER (Giuseppe Devastato)



Composer(s): Arnold, Bellafronte, Kovacs, Langella, Mangani, Rota, Stravinsky, Sormani

Artist(s): Domenico Calia, Clarinet

Period: 21st Century

Catalogue No.: C00025

Barcode: 0793597061850

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Edmondo Filippini:

Over the centuries, the continuing evolution of the clarinet faced many transformations, both in style and construction. The clarinet, therefore, like other instruments, became a distinctive feature of its era, echoing its spirit and turning into an undisputed protagonist. Alongside Mozart and Brahms masterpieces, there is one of the widest literature ever written for an instrument, which has been fascinating performers and composers and time does not seem to scratch. Thanks to the constant innovations offered by contemporary technologies, the clarinet evolves by enhancing its capabilities and offering new solutions in an endless attempt to go beyond its limits. The purpose of this work is to present the vastest look at the progression of the instrument over the last 130 years through some keystones that distinguished its literature until those avant-garde pieces searching for that typical style required by the quest. The clarinet becomes, thus, ductile in its wide possibilities and infinite facets. Thanks to Domenico Calia, it relies on an expert guide to explore some pages of particular difficulty and sophistication like ” Frammenti di ombra e luci ” by Raffaele Bellafronte, a passage that elect as its focal point this shadow play between two realities, reflected in the instrument in a virtuoso and almost arduous reference of fragmented mirrors. […] (Translation by Chiara Damia)

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