Composer(s): Roman Turovsky-Savchuk

Artist(s):  Massimo Marchese, Lute

Period: 21st Century

Catalogue No.: C00028

Barcode: 0806810877890


Radio Popolare: Apertura Musicale by Francesca Badalini

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Roman Turovsky-Savchuk:

At the age of seventeen I was transplanted from my birthplace of Kiev in Ukraine.
A dreamy European city in front in front of my eyes was replaced by New York, with all its severity of lines and colors, unforgiving, yet intriguing. I’ve painted since my childhood, learning visual precision and honesty, developing a firm faith in harmony, beauty and perfection. My new reality was rough and fearsome. And I knew that I was being transformed. New reality brought new simplicity and roughness into my work. I painted nudes, craving love, music and spiritual fulfillment. All of these eventually came, bearing happiness for the émigré/exile/refugee, transforming him into an American:
Come back, my son, come back to me, my boy,
So I would wash your head.
-Mother, my head could be washed by rains,
And my hair shall be combed by feral winds…
There has always been music in my family. My father is an artist-painter, but he also was a fine classical baritone in his younger days. Our house was always full of interesting guests, of all kinds of arts. The grown-ups were infinitely more interesting than children of my own age. The former were bearers of the historical weight of the place where I was growing up.[…]

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