ROSSINI, G: OVERTURES, Piano Transcriptions (Crisiana Pegoraro)



Composer(s): Gioachino Rossini

Artist(s): Cristiana Pegoraro, Piano

Period: 19th Century

Catalogue No.: C00044

Barcode: 0793597061843

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Edmondo Filippini:

Transcription: an arrangement of a piece of music for a different instrument. The interpretation of one musician’s work by another is a time honored tradition. Since the 1700’s with the advent of new instruments and changing tastes in the Western musical world, the art of musical transcription rose to a new level of importance and gave musicians a respected vehicle in which to interpret and express original forms and content. Originally, a primary characteristic of this autonomous musical style was an approach that paid homage to the original. […] (Translation by Felicia de Sanctis)

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