EXPLORATIONS, Masterclass on Intuitive Music and More at San Quirico


FROM ALBUM NOTES by Markus Stockhausen:

In the year 2014, the Italian pianist and teacher Alessandra Garosi invited Markus Stockhausen to conduct a seminar on “Intuitive Music and More” at the “Musica negli Horti” Festival in S.Quirico d’ Orcia, Toscany. It finally took place in the summer of 2015. Twelve musicians from Germany, Austria and Italy met for four days and worked intensively on Intuitive Music under the guidance of Markus Stockhausen. Some musicians, like Stephanie Lepp, were experienced improvisers; for others this way of making music was completely new. Alessandra insisted from the beginning that a recording be made for publication and documentation of this seminar, and this is what you can hear now. In two sessions the musicians recorded this music. […]

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