Japan Live Tour 2015: The Osaka Concert





Composer(s): Marco Vezzoso

Artist(s): Marzo Vezzoso Quartet

Period: 16th Century

Catalogue No.: C00005

Barcode: 080681050885

ALBUM NOTES by Marco Vezzoso:

The live was recorded during my stay in Japan, specifically in Osaka, where the public has received with great enthusiasm my music. All the pieces of the concert are original compositions written by me over the years on the occasion of my long trips, moments full of inspiration because for me being on tour is a bit like being in “exile” away from everything and everyone. My music reveals everything about myself, feelings, moods, experiences, places I visited and people I met. Every time I play is as if I took a step back in time but always with one foot in the present, or perhaps I should say with an ear in the past and the other in the present, since much of the concert consists of improvisation which is a reflection of the immediateness. I deeply believe in the beauty and power of simple things, then in my music I always try to be as simple as possible so to reach directly people’s feelings knowing that Jazz and emotions are among the hardest things to describe in a simple and effective way.

TRACKLIST: (Coming Soon)
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