ENDLESS JOURNEYS (Omar Flavio Careddu, Elena Nardo)



Composer(s): Albéniz, Brouwer, Careddu, Granados, Mirto, Patzleiner, Piazzolla

Artist(s): Nova Lux Duo: Omar Flavio Careddu, Cello | Elena Nardo, Guitar

Period: 20th-21st Century

Catalogue No.: C00006

Barcode: 080681050886

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Elena Nardo:

Travel, from the Occitan viatge, to the Romanian viadi, and then to the French voyage, and again to the Spanish viaje, all stemming from the one Latin word viatĭcum; the latter to designate the essential supply needed to travel to the point that, in time, it earns the current meaning of “on the way.” Travelling thus becomes, like music, both the way of man through space and time, and the essential sustenance for his own existence.
It is not casual, therefore, that travel is the leading theme of (in)finite artistic projects, present since the beginning of the same art, be it literary, pictorial, or, as in the present case, musical. In Mythopoeia it investigates the limits of man, be them physical or not, and allows him to transcend them within the aim of a discovery and of his will of knowledge. In reality, it brings cultures and peoples together, and this happens right thanks to music, insurmountable distances are indistinctly traced on an invisible map that dissolve fictitious and political borders.  […] (Translation by Anny Ballardini)

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