BACH, JOHANN SEBASTIAN: Sämtliche Klavierwerke II: PARTITEN VOL. 1 (P.Soraci)



Composer(s): Johann Sebastian Bach

Artist(s): Pietro Soraci, Piano

Period: 16th Century

Catalogue No.: C00008

Barcode: 0793597816153

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Marco Beccari:

Partita was originally the name for a single-instrumental piece of music (16th and 17th centuries), but Johann Kuhnau and his successor Johann Sebastian Bach used it for collections of musical pieces, as a synonym for dance suite. In fact, the choice of the word Partita as a title for the suites of the first volume of the Clavierübung echoes Kuhnau, whose Neue Clavierübung had consisted of seven Partiten, a use of the word that was to become current in Germany, although originally in Italian it seems to have been used to describe sets of variations, as in Bach’s own organ chorale variations or Partite. During the course of his life Bach, one of the leading keyboard virtuoso of his time, published four volumes of keyboard pieces under the title of Clavierübung (Keyboard Practice), in apparent acknowledgement of the work of his predecessor as Thomas-Kantor in Leipzig, Johann Kuhnau, whose two sets of Clavierübungen had appeared in 1689 and 1692, each containing seven suites. Bach’s partitas can be seen as his homage to his predecessor, not by nostalgic means but by new compositional challenge. This is evident in the stylistic contents of Bach’s sets as if his intention was to update Kuhnau’s original contributions. Kuhnau’s suites were grouped into one set in major keys and the second in minor keys, and Bach’s set includes three major and three minor, although they are not presented in any particular order of keys. Bach wrote two sets of partitas for different instruments such as the three partitas for solo violin in 1720. […]

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