Composer(s): Vincenzo Sorrentino

Artist(s): Roberto Scarpa Meylougan, Monica Finco, Marco Nicolé, Nicola Mazzanti, Saverio Tasca, Elisabetta Bocchese, Fabio Pupillo, Maddalena Lotter, Andrea Vecchiato, Giusy Mascheretti, Simone Sandri

Period: 21st Century

Catalogue No.: C00011

Barcode: 0806810877913

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Carla Sorrentino:

Entirely entrusted to the artistic care of Monica Finco, who followed the instructions provided in the original scores given by Sorrentino, the collection includes pieces, such as the unfinished “Mary Jo”, for flute ensembles, flute and other instruments, piccolo and other instruments composed in the last period of the composer’s life for the same Finco and Nicola Mazzanti.
The piece “MoNìco”, for flute, piccolo and piano (the composer’s instrument), is dedicated to them, singular dedicators of arrangements written for their own instrument, and is a vibrant celebration of a friendship strengthened by the common love for music and a strong empathy.

Lively and versatile, horns turn out to be the most suitable instruments giving voice to the emotions and the instinctive and deep sensitivity of the author that arrive with immediacy and spontaneity to the listener, after the authorial intellectual filter, translating them into music, poured them on a well written and structured sheet. Here, the compositional speed, which sometimes leaves a trace in titles like “In Tempo” and “Just a week”, is a sign of accomplished creativity and uniform inspiration without any further rewritings or second thoughts. […]

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