(b Wetzlar1754d after 1805). German harpist and composer, active in France. He went to Paris at an early age and in 1769 appeared as a harpist at the Concert Spirituel. He studied the harp with Francesco Petrini and by the end of 1775 (according to Coüard-Luys) his reputation had earned him the office of harpist in ordinary to Queen Marie Antoinette. After a brief stay in Naples (1777–8) he went to London, where he was advertised as a ‘celebrated Performer on the Harp from the Court of France’ at all 12 Bach-Abel Concerts in 1781, and became acclaimed as a sensitive player of adagios. He returned to Paris in 1783 and remained active there as a virtuoso and composer until 1805.

Hinner was one of the two harpists named by Forkel as ‘extraordinary artists’ (Musikalischer Almanach 1783, 1784). He composed numerous pieces for the harp (printed in Paris and London c1780–94), including sonatas with violin (opp.5–7, 9), duets for two harps (opp.1, 3, 8, 10), accompaniments to ariettes by various composers (opp.4, 11) and variations. He also composed two comic operas: La fausse délicatesse (1776) and Les trois inconnues (1783).