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Musumeci, Patti, Schittino, Scontrino, Serra, Sollima: Nova et Vetera: Contemporary Sicilian Composers (Nicola Malagugini, Mirea Zuccaro)



Composer(s): Musumeci, Patti, Schittino, Scontrino, Serra, Sollima

Artist(s): Nicola Malagugini, Double-Bass | Mirea Zuccaro, Piano

Period: 20th-21st Century

Catalogue No.: C00055

Barcode: 0793597816290

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Nicola Malagugini:

Usually, traditional music is that one which the ethnomusicologists record in isolated villages from the voices of old people singing ancient lullabies and work or religious songs.
The Sicilian traditional music recalls archaic atmospheres, the Arabian past of the island or maybe also the more ancient worlds of the population of the Mediterranean area. The use of the voice, the pauses, the character resulting from this melodious world, tell us about an almost disappeared reality, now flat on television and internet world standards.
Sicily gave me really much and this work aims to be a tribute to its most characteristic part. Moving from those songs, I wondered if it could be possible to create some new works bringing us back to the origins, and if it could be possible to be modern without being flat on modernity. Actually, if it could be possible to repossess the past giving it a new life. […] (Translation by Fabiana Binarelli)

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