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Andrea Marcelli: The Invisible Child, Live and Unreleased 2000 – 2013 (Andrea Marcelli)



Artist(s): Andrea Marcelli, Ekkehard Wölk, Dana Gooley, Dave Zinno, Fabrizio Mandolini, Paolo Russo, Klavs Hovman, Jarkko Hakala, Bjarne Roupé , Andreas Markus, Kristoff Becker, Billy Drewes, Ola Forsell, Ed Schuller, Serge Forté, Davide Petrocca.

Period: 21st Century

Catalogue No.: C00094

Barcode: 0793588412159

FROM ALBUM NOTES by Andrea Marcelli:

The selections included in “The Invisible Child” reflect some of the valuable musical experiences that I made during the last years. Artists coming from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and USA.
The projects included musicians like pianist Ekkehard Wölk, with whom I am collaborating constantly since 2002, or musicians with whom I have played for a limited period of time, everybody always committed to sincere creativity. We felt like having an open idea of the music, giving priority to interaction and music dialog, often searching aspects of the arrangements extemporaneously and instinctively during the performances. […]

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